Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hope Burned by Brent LaPorte

This book was pretty intense from the first sentence. A very disturbing story of abuse by the hands of one father to a son through 3 generations. The story is told through Tom who is writing a letter to his own son who is still an infant, describing the events that lead him to kill his grandfather and father. It was a short read, but I think I found myself reading a little bit faster than usual trying to get through the "bad parts" in which he describes the abuse, it was hard to read about and saddened me. It is a very thought provoking story and will have you questioning your own humanity. If you would stop abuse, or help and take in an abused child to get them out of that situation.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello again my fellow book readers! As you know I am a huge fan of I do not work for them, I am not an associate nor do I get paid for my opinion. But I received a lovely email from them yesterday in which I have notification that their Black Friday sale has begun and will go through Nov 30th.
They already have great low prices on good books, but now they have discounted 50% off already discounted books, not all their books are on sale but tons are, it is definitely worth the look at their website. (You know I made an order) I was really exited to see some of their new stock in, some books I have been really wanting, and now I can have them for a couple of dollars.
They also are pretty cool in the fact that you can get FREE SHIPPING off orders of $35. I was able to order 16 books for my $35 and that was the best deal I have gotten all year. So be quick about it before you lose out on this great offer!
BOOK Sales are awesome!

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been book blogging for a couple of months now and created a Young Adult bookblog in which I enjoy and love to update with entertaining reads. but as sometimes my mind likes to venture into more adult territories of reading. I thought I would make this companion site for the more adult themed books that I read. Although I do not think this blog will be updated twice a week or more like my other site is, I fully intend on updating this one at least twice a month or more. I'm sure once I get into the newness of running two blogs, I will be updating this just as much as I do the other.