Saturday, May 28, 2011

Connects: Based on a true Ghost Story By Katrina Rose

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Connects is based on a true ghostly haunt, a nineteen year secret thought to be buried, until Abigail Morrison began to dream of the woman of the past. A woman found dead at the railroad tracks. Through Abigail's dreams and ghostly encounters, she pieces together what could have happened to this woman, and along the way she learns about a drug dealer,an over dose, and the neighbor's dirty secret.
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Highly reminiscent of the Ghost Whisperer and Medium. Fantastic read I would recommend to anybody who likes detective stories with some supernatural aspects. Even though I had downloaded this awhile ago, when I sat down to read it, I read it through in one day. Completely engrossing and worth the money. The story was very addicting and never boring. I saw that Amazon had a physical copy for sale and have purchased this for my friend who I agree is going to love it.
As Abigail moves into a new house with her new husband she begins to see things and have weird dreams. She decides to follow her hunches and begins following the clues that may have lead to the girls death. The girl she found out died on her property. To only find out there was more than one death. With several different people (including the police) that become suspects in her book. The addition of drugs

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